A Wind Turbine That Fits in Your Backpack

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There’s a myriad of on-the-fly charging tech on the market and even more in development. The most popular seem to utilize solar energy. Wind energy is terrain specific, which makes it difficult and costly to harness on a large scale, but when it comes to small and portable charging, wind might just be exactly what you need.

WindPax has developed a collapsible wild turbine that can fit in your backpack. Its called The Wisp and has a packaged length of just 14 inches, with a 3 inch diameter. Weighting less than 4 pounds, it’s very portable and highly adaptable.

windpax wind turbine

It deploys into a 6 foot tall, 1 foot wide wind turbine that is able to produce 25 watts of power at average wind speeds. The energy can be used right away to power your devices, or used as a powerbank capable of charging up to 3 iPhones via a standard USB outlet at a later time. It can also power the built-in LED, providing illumination whenever you need it.

windpax wisp specs

The Wisp can be deployed in a multitude of ways; ranging from the simple standing configuration, to hanging from a tree or other elevated surfaces like tabletops or railings.


For those wanting more power (looking at you Jeremy Clarkson), WindPax has The Breeze – a 100 Watt unit that has a packaged length of 22 inches, with a 5 inch diameter, that becomes a 10 foot tall structure once set-up. This model is more suited for longer and more rigorous camping trips, but it’s also good to have around in an emergency situation.



In addition to the USB plug, The Breeze has a versatile 12V port for greater compatibility, and a greater battery capacity that is 5 times that of The Wisp.

windpax breeze specs

Both models have flexible plastic vanes to prevent injuries should you wander into it without looking. And to prevent damage to the device during high winds, the fins have a break-away feature that keep the wind turbine from flying away.

Photos via: WindPax