Collapsable, Truly Portable, Fridge-Freezer and Warmer!

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Imagine if you could have a fridge, freezer, and warmer that’s completely collapsible and easy to transport on your next camping trip. Wouldn’t that be a much better alternative to your old ice chest? Spencer S Trotter, the inventor behind the aptly named Anywhere Fridge certainly thinks so!

anywhere fridge electric outdoor cooler 3 foldable

The Anywhere Fridge is completely collapsible, with folding walls that make it as small as an average suitcase. The fridge has wheels, but those too can be folded up inside to make it easier for transport. Aside from being incredibly lightweight, it is still robust and durable as it’s made out of a metal weather resistant frame.

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The fridge contains a powerful battery that can be charged in three different ways: It can be plugged into a normal AC wall socket, charged via a car charger port, or it can be left in the sun to charge via its solar panels.

This revolutionary freezer/warmer was designed and invented in Albuquerque and has an indiegogo campaign that’s been funded many times over. Soon you’ll be able to say goodbye to messy ice chests and say hello to the future of outdoor and portable food storage!

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