Community Cinema Making People Socialize

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This is a community cinema… not the building, JUST the red thing.

On the corner of Symonds Street and Mount Street in Auckland, New Zealand, the architectural collective known as OH.NO.SUMO came up with a fkn brilliant way to bring individuals within their community together.

That area has a lot of people waiting at the nearby laundromat, and bus stops, all preoccupied with their mobile devices and in a sense isolated from each other.

The cinema was installed to bring those people together. It plays videos that are continually curated from among the most popular videos online. In other words, it plays the same videos that individuals would be watching on their online devices, but by putting them on a big screen a shared experience was created. This led to more interaction and a stronger community.

of people sitting

Visionaries + Movers

John Chapman + Peter Reed + Andrew Barrie + David Madsen

Photo credit: Simon Devitt for OH.NO.SUMO