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Tile is a simple solution that helps people find the things they are likeliest to misplace or lose – things like wallets, car keys, etc. What it is, is a little device (measuring just just 37mm x 37mm x 5.3mm) that tethers to your phone using a Bluetooth connection, which then helps you keep track of anything you attach it to. Setting it up is very easy – just download the Tile app, enable Bluetooth and location services, and pair the Tiles with your smartphone.

tile with car key

Tile’s casing is made of a durable plastic that is tough enough to withstand the kind of abuse and damage that things you attach it to are likely to deliver. It’s also water resistant, so a spilled drink or a bit of rain won’t ruin the device. This means you can comfortably attach it not only to your keys, but also to things like baby carriages, or bikes.


While Tile doesn’t provide real-time GPS info, the app does automatically record the last place the Tile was visible, so when you begin searching for your lost item you’ll know where to start looking for it. Each Tile has a Bluetooth range of up to 100 feet, with the signal strength represented visually in the app. As you near the lost item, the signal strength and therefore your proximity to the item is represented with a circle-graph. Finally, as you get really close, you’ll hear Tile’s distinctive melody play, helping you find the item, even if it’s under a couch cushion or in buried in your laundry basket.


If the item you’re tracking is ever stollen, you can select a “lost” mode, then everyone with the Tile app will act as your search-party, notifying you of the item’s location if and when someone gets in range.

Tile will run for a year with no upkeep, meaning there’s no batteries to replace, and no charging. After a year, the company offers to recycle your old Tiles and replace them with their latest models.

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