Don’t Throw Things Away – Repair Them Instead at a Repair Café

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With an abundance of products that we are exposed to, replacing a broken thing is easer now than ever before. And, while maybe a lot of these broken things could have been easily repaired, they instead end up at a landfill, making room for the new acquisition.

To eliminate some of this waste, Repair Cafés were born. At this cafe people can come together to repair all sorts of things. You will find tools and materials to help make any type of repair, and specialists at the café that are experienced carpenters, electricians, seamstresses and many others. People can bring their broken items and start making repairs together with the specialists. And, if you don’t have broken items, you can enjoy a cup of coffee or help someone else’s repair job. Also there are books on repair and DIY that you can read while enjoying your beverage.

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Martine Postma started the first Repair Café on October 18, 2009 in Amsterdam. With its great success, Postma started the Repair Café Foundation. It is a non-profit organization set up in 2010. The foundation has given professional support to groups in Netherlands and other countries who wish to start a Repair Café in their location.

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A Repair Café is not a competitor to repair specialist. Instead it teaches people to value their possessions a little more, and helps shift the mindsets. In fact, lots of visitors said that they throw their broken things out, because paying for repair service is very expensive. The knowledge and hands on experience that visitors can acquire at a Repair Café will help them many ways in the future. And of course fixing broken things helps minimize the waste that would ultimately negatively impact our environment.

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Hopefully there’s a repair cafe near you, especially because Repair Cafés repairing things is a lot simpler and more fun than you might think.

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