Dr. Recare Mobile 3D Printing Bot Cleans up Beaches

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Everyone likes to find a trash-free beach, but not everyone leaves the beach with all their garbage. Sometimes people forget the garbage they set aside, sometimes the wind carries it away, and other times people are just not bothered enough to make the effort. Getting rid of all that unsightly trash requires a lot of manpower, many hours of volunteer work, and very deep pockets.

Luckily a young designer by the name of Mingyu Jeong has already thought of an environment-friendly solution to this worldwide dilemma. It is an automated robotic beach cleaner with a built-in 3D printer called Dr. Recare. The robot has optical and acoustic sensors that can identify bits of plastic as it sifts through the sand and picks up trash using its five-fingered robotic hand. The integrated 3D printer melts down the collected plastics and uses that to 3d print recycling bins. It then navigates the beach, and places the bins in strategic locations. Usually, these are places where large crowds often gather, because they’re close to food carts and restaurants.

dr recare 3d printing robot
dr recare 3d printing robot 2
dr recare 3d printing robot 3
dr recare 3d printing robot 4
dr recare 3d printing robot 5
dr recare 3d printing robot 6

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Mingyu Jeong

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