Earin: Cordless Earbuds That Also Charge in Your Pocket

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Do you like wireless headphones, but hate the wraparound cords? Not a problem with! Designed by former Sony Ericson and Nokia engineers, it is the smallest cordless earbud on the market today. Measuring only 14 by 20 millimeters, and weighing just 5 grams each, these earbuds are barely noticeable when someone is wearing them.

earin invisible

They came to the visionary, Olle Linden via actor Ryan Reynolds. Or specifically in one scene of the film Definitely Maybe, where the actor is walking down the street with a pair of small earbuds. This image of “the soundtrack of a perfect day” inspired Linden to create his “perfect” earphones.

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Earin uses balanced armature speakers that are more commonly found in pro in-ear monitors and hearing aids to deliver crisp treble and deep bass.

earin small headphones

Housed in a compact capsule design that’s small enough to hang onto keys, or fit easily into most pockets, storage is a cinch. The really awesome thing about it is the storage capsule also functions as a charger. That means simply putting the earbuds away is enough to charge them.

One full charge can yield 2.5 to 3 hours of playtime, and it’s also possible to use one earbud while charging the other. And if you’re planning to use them while jogging, the silicone concha locks will keep the securely in your ear.

earin concha silicone

You can follow their progress along in the Kickstarter campaign.

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