Life Paint Makes Bikes (or Anything Else) Reflective

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What’s the best way to survive a crash? Well, not to crash is a good start. In the UK alone, an average of 19,000 cyclists get in a road accident every year. The statistics are grim but there’s a silver lining called Life Paint.

life paint

This special reflective paint gives a silvery-white glow when it’s hit by a light beam. This makes it useful for cyclists and motorists at night. The paint is transparent so it doesn’t cover or damage any painted surface. It comes in spray cans for easy application on bike frames, cars, protective gear, clothing, and just about anything else you want to apply it on. It’s easy to spray on and easier to take off. The reflective coating wears off after a week of roughing it out on the road.

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Life Paint is a unique paint that can be applied to many different surfaces including helmets, fabrics, strollers, backpacks, shoes, dog collars and many more. A single application of Life Paint lasts about one week, and it can be washed off easily without damaging the material and surface of the object.

life paint 2

Even cyclists with blinker lights are often side-swept by cars at night. It’s not all the time that motorists can anticipate the speed and direction of a bicycle in front of them. But with LifePaint, the bicycle instantly becomes more visible as soon as it enters the range of a car’s headlights.

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