Make Any Smartphone Dual-SIM with PIECE

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If you have more than one cell phone, say a personal phone and another given to you by your employer, you’ve probably found yourself having to carry both of them around. This can be annoying, not only because you have to carry more things in your pockets, but also because one of the phones may be superior to the other. Be it due to its better battery life, reception, or latest features, you probably have one phone that you like, while the other feels more like a burden.


Now, thanks to PIECE LTD there’s a gadget that will help you shed that extra phone. It’s a companion device that holds any GSM, EGSM, DCS, or PCS card called PIECE. With PIECE you can add an extra number to your existing smart device via Bluetooth and an app, effectively turning any smartphone into a dual-SIM phone.


Simply insert the SIM card from your secondary phone into PIECE, and connect it via Bluetooth to your primary phone. Then you can use the app to manage the contacts, receive or place calls and text messages. This tiny device about the size of a credit card, can last up to 150 hours stand-by time and 4 hours talking time, with the battery gauge displayed in the app.


PIECE also comes in handy if you want to leave your phone behind and only have your iPad with you. The app can be installed on your tablet, turning your iPad into a telephone!

piece is compatible

But wait, there’s more! (In the tone of the late Billy Mays). PIECE can also act as a security device for your valuables. If you have PIECE in your wallet and the app on your phone, should either object move beyond a 10m range, both PIECE and your phone will ring. This feature is especially useful in preventing you from forgetting your phone, wallet, or purse in the hotel room or restaurant, or in notifying you that a theft is taking place.

piece anti-theft

You can also use it as a locator by triggering a ring from either device with a click of a button. So if you have a habit of misplacing your phone, but not your wallet (or vice-versa), you can use sound to track the location of the missing item.

And, if that wasn’t enough, you can even use PIECE as a remote for your phone’s camera.


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Dennis Wong (co-founder) + Alex Chan + Gray Leung

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