News Can Be Depressing, That’s Why Goodnews Is so Good

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The news is always associated with negative things, so Geri Weis-Corbley started the Good News Network (GNN) to balance the negativity that people experience from the mainstream media. For almost two decades, GNN has been the top choice for people who simply want good news.


Since its start in 1997, GNN has been gathering and providing positive news stories from all around the world. You can read about outstanding citizen action, innovative solutions to various problems, and anecdotal stories that go against the negative governmental, racial, religious, and political stereotypes.


Today, GNN is actively promoting positivity through the news they feature, and encourage people to send in their good news stories and photos. The site has become a community of positive people, which was the Geri’s goal when she started the project.

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Geri Weis-Corbley (Founder)

Photos via: Good News Network

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