One World Futbol: The Indestructible Soccer Ball

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One World Play Project was founded in California by Tim Jahnigen after watching a documentary about children playing soccer with a ball made of trash. The company manufactures, sells, and donates a nearly indestructible soccer ball called One World Futbol – a ball specifically designed to survive the most grueling conditions.

kids playing with a soccer ball made out of trash


There is also no need for a pump, because this nearly indestructible ball never goes flat. It is sold inflated and stays inflated, meaning it can last years without maintenance. The durability of this indestructible soccer ball comes from its material. It is made from a specialized foam that allows the ball to re-inflate after punctures.

Before the ball was introduced to the market, it has undergone several tests from various testers. These testers tried popping the ball using knives and other pointed objects. The ball was also subjected to extreme pressures, but bounced back into its original shape within seconds.

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One World Futbol is available in standard size 4 and size 5 balls. This soccer ball is ideal for recreational play on hard surfaces such as rocky landscapes, schoolyards, streets, and rough patches. The ball has a somewhat lower bounce than a standard soccer ball, but that’s a small sacrifice for the acquired durability.

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one world futbol
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The ball was designed and engineered to survive the harshness of any environment.

To date, the company has produced about 850,000 balls. For every ball purchased, another ball is given away to organizations working with youth in less-privileged communities all over the world. And with the help of various organizations, the One World Futbol has made its way to over 140 countries.

indestructible soccer ball

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