Photomath Solves Complex Math Problems Instantly

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Be it addition or subtraction, or the more complex “find x” in Algebra, math has been a difficult subject for many people. To assist with these complex (or simple) mathematic operations MicroBlink came up with Photomath – a smartphone app that solves math problems as quickly as it captures them with the camera.

It is the world’s first camera calculator that reads and solves mathematical problems in real time, making the hardest math – easy. Just point your phone’s camera at the equation and your screen displays the answer.


While it may sound like the kind of corner-cutting tool that you wish you had when you were in high school, this app’s brilliance doesn’t end there. Photomath is able to break down the steps required to arrive at the answer, making it a great learning tool as well. This “human-like” feature can help students understand the fundamentals involved in solving the problem by illustrating the detailed step-by-step process as if it was broken down by a teacher.

Photomath covers a wide range of math problems including:

  • arithmetic expressions,
  • fractions and decimals,
  • powers and roots,
  • simple linear equations,
  • quadratic equations,
  • inequalities,
  • simple equations systems, and
  • absolute value inequalities

And the app’s development team is constantly adding more types of problems to Photomath’s arsenal.

Photos via: Photomath

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