Pick a Color… Any Color! Meet the Scribble!

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Do you ever wish you could put any color you want in your pen? Well this new invention could be the way of the future. Meet the Scribble – the pen that designed to scan any color and use it as the writing color output!

The Scribble pen comes in either ink or stylus form. Now you can draw with whatever color you see. It’s like having the power of rainbow gods in the palm of your hand. The pen is handy and easy enough to use by both professionals and just the regular joe wanting to have fun with colors.

It isn’t available for sale yet but if you can’t wait, there’s a preorder price of $149.95 for the ink version and $79.95 for the stylus version. Here’s a comparison of the ink and stylus versions of the Scribble pen.


Ok, while not exactly ALL the colors, 100,000 colors is quite a lot. How many do you even need anyway?

The pens are equipped with an RGB sensor on one end and a 5-color ink cartridge on the other. Just aim the sensor on any consistent color and the Scribble will shade and match the color with the right combination of inks.

ink in the box

It’s equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery and even has a micro USB port at one side of the pen. Capable of storing 1GB or 100,000 different colors at any one time and weighing at a measly 39 grams, the Scribble will make for hours of drawing and coloring fun.

app_screen   ink   stylus in the box

Visionaries + Movers

Mark Barker and Robert Hoffman (creators)

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