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Cat cafes were first invented in Taiwan 15 years ago and since then spread to the rest of the world, with Cat Town Cafe in Oakland, California being the first one in America. While the concept may seem weird at first, it works really well.

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While people enjoy playing with cats because its fun, there’s also a health benefit – playing with cats is proven to lower high blood pressure, stress, and anxiety. Unfortunately many building residents are not allowed to keep animals, or their work or travel schedules just don’t permit them to look after a cat, or it’s a simple financial consideration, since keeping a pet ins’t cheap. Whatever the reason, all cat-lovers are welcome at the Cat Town Cafe to find the companionship and comfort offered by these felines.


Ultimately the Cat Town Cafe is a program to help cats least likely to be adopted from Oakland’s municipal shelter find a loving home, and not a gimmick to serve you coffee, though there is that too. The cafe serves hot and cold drinks, and various desserts much like any other cafe, while giving its patrons an opportunity to interact with the cats in a comfortable, social, and fun environment.

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The cats at the cafe are often those that are passed-on by the shelter’s parter organizations, which tend to pick the younger and more social cats over the older or shyer ones. Through interactions at the Cat Town Cafe, patrons often take a liking to one of these cats and end up adopting them. This results in increased adoption and reduced euthanasia of at-risk cats.

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If you’d like to visit the cafe, you should know that to limit the stress on the cats a maximum of 14 visitors are allowed in the cafe at any one time, so it’s better to schedule an appointment, instead of just dropping by.

Visionaries + Movers

Ann Dunn (Founder) + Adam Myatt

Photos via: Cat Town Cafe

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