Portable Espresso Maker Makes Espresso on the Go

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Ever wanted an espresso in the middle of nowhere, say while camping, or at the beach? Well, if you bring along the Handpresso – the world’s first handheld espresso maker, you’ll be able to satiate your need for a strong brew anywhere you go. Sadly Henrik Nielsen, Handpresso’s inventor, passed away 2 months before it launched in 2008, but his product lived on and sold over 300,000 units worldwide.

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To use it, just add the ground coffee or an ESE coffee pod, pump the unit’s handle like a bicycle pump up to a 16 bar pressure, then add hot water. Push a button to begin infusion, and push it again to stop, and you’ve got an espresso in the woods. The temperature of the water is very important for the final result. Ideally you’ll want to add water fresh from the kettle at about 203°F (95°C), but water from a thermos which is usually cooler will also do the trick as long as it’s at least 176°F (80°C).

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Due its portability and simplicity, Handpresso’s design has won several international design prizes. Its design is suitable for use anywhere true to their “Espresso Anywhere” company slogan.

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Henrik Nielsen (Inventor)

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