Pressy Gadget: A Button for Everything on Your Phone

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The smartphone you carry in your pocket is an incredibly powerful device with a ton of cool features, but when it comes to accessing any one of those features with a quick click of a button you’ll find that touchscreen technology has made buttons somewhat obsolete. Without a button for each function, you have to unlock your phone, scroll to the appropriate app, open it up, and only then perform the task you wanted. Sure, buttons for everything wouldn’t work, especially with the average user regularly accessing over 20 apps, but there’s got to be some middle ground for users that would like improved accessibility.

Well, with the help of Pressy – an add-on gadget for Android phones, your phone will now be able to do just about anything you want it to, at a click of a button.

Pressy-button for smartphone
pressy button gadget

The Pressy gadget is a tiny, yet powerful button device that is inserted directly into your phone’s auxiliary port to give your Android phone an extra customizable button. Pressy can be programmed to perform almost any task you can think of, but for beginners, it comes with three default functions you can immediately enjoy:

  1. One short click to activate your flashlight.
  2. One long click to toggle your Android phone in and out of silent mode.
  3. Double-click to take a photo.

You can reprogram these tasks, and program others out of combinations of long and short presses of the Pressy button. Any action that can be performed on your phone can be assigned to your Pressy button.

programmable pressy button shortcuts

Want it to:

  • take instant photos or videos?
  • turn on the flashlight?
  • toggle Wi-Fi / Bluetooth connection?
  • start a discrete voice recording?
  • open a specific app?

There’s a shortcut you can create for all of that.

You can even set up something as specific as taking a photo while keeping the phone’s screen and flash off, while also muting the shutter noise. Basically if you ever wanted to feel like a spy or if you just wanted an extra tactile button shortcut on your smartphone, you will really appreciate this gadget.

pressy button 2

Oh, and the command will work with your headphone button too!

Visionaries + Movers

Nimrod Back (Developer) + Boaz Mendel (Designer)

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