Read 4 Times Faster with No Practice with Spritz

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Want to be able to read 500 words per minute plus?
(You’re probably reading between 200-400 WPM now)

Well Spritz is an app that’s been in development for the past 3 years, and soon it will let you significantly increase your reading speed. (We found 600wpm easy using their method… see below)

Well, in every word you read there is a fixation point generally immediately to the left of the middle of a word.
As you read, your eyes hop from fixation point to fixation point to process the characters of that word and comprehend their meaning.

80% of your reading time is spent on moving your eyes, so by minimizing the time spent on moving your eyes, your reading speed skyrockets.


The Spritz app will align the words in such a way that you don’t have to move your eyes from word-to-word thus increasing your reading speed. It will be available as an application for most smart phone devices and as a browser extension, allowing you to read pretty much everything faster.

You can test yourself on their site:, or by going to and uploading a .pdf or inserting the url of a website you frequent. (You can also get the bookmarklet here)

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