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Just the other day you read about the app that solves complex math problems instantaneously when you point your phone’s camera at them, well this is similar but for language.

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Word Lens is an app for Android and iOS devices that allows you to “see the world in your language”. The app translates printed text from one language into another using the smartphone’s video camera. There is no need for a network connection, which means you can translate things in real time without going online – a feature that’s great if you’re traveling.

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It is a technological innovation by Quest Visual – a company originally founded by Otavio Good in 2009, which has since been acquired by Google. Its capabilities have been incorporated into the Google Translate app earlier this year and are even available for Google Glass. To use Word Lens to translate, all you have to do is tap the camera button in the Google Translate app and point it at the foreign words. The translation of the text will appear on your phone’s screen almost instantaneously.

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Otávio Good (Founder/Developer)

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