Rent Designer Clothes from People in Your Neighborhoodm, or Rent Yours Out

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Style Lend, the “Airbnb of dresses”, was founded by Lona Alia Duncan – a model-turned-entrepreneur. With a busy social calendar, Duncan often found herself in front of a closet full of stuff, but with nothing to wear. She didn’t want to be photographed in the same clothing twice, but buying single-use $300-designer-brand dresses to stock her closets got expensive really fast.


The idea of Style Lend came to be when Duncan was traveling in Paris. There she wished she could just trade all her clothes for the ease of borrowing something from a chic Parisian. Today, Style Lend does exactly that – it gives you access to fashionable garments that you can arrange to rent using their peer-to-peer app. Through the app you can filter clothes by category, price, size, and by their location. Bookmark your favorite garments, and come back to them whenever you want to wear them.

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Week’s rental for dresses range from $30 for brands like Topshop and Diane von Furstenberg, to $160 for high-end labels like Alexander McQueen. For infrequent use it’s cheaper to rent than to buy, making designer-wear more affordable and thus more accessible to more people. For example, you can rent this neon leopard sweatshirt and Current/Elliott acid wash jeans for only $15.

style lend top and jeans

You can just as easily monetize the contents of your own closet, if not for any significant profit, then at least to offset the cost of your next purchase. With more people opening up their closets to the Style Lend network, garments are worn more frequently, and with this kind of collaborative consumption clothes see more use before ending up in a landfill.




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Lona Alia Duncan (founder)

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