Seat Belts for Dogs Keep Your Pets Safe and Comfortable

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According to the AAA, there are close to 80 million pet dogs in the United States. More than fifty percent of them are brought along by their owners for a ride in the car at least once a month. It could be a quick drive to the vet or a long-distance road trip with their human family. Either way, the dog is often left sitting in the back without some kind of protective gear. In the event of an accident the dog often comes out the worst victim among the passengers.


That’s exactly why the Sleepypod Clickit Utility Belt was created. The company already makes beds, carriers, and travel bowls for pets. Now, they’ve created a safety harness that fits around your dog’s torso in a snug cocoon of protection. The product underwent rigorous testing using test dummies with the same size and weight as a real dog. These crash tests proved that the belt prevents your beloved pet from flying out the window or crashing into the back of the seat.


The safety harness can be attached securely to your vehicle’s built-in seat belt, the make and model of the car doesn’t matter. It restrains the dog from moving too much while the vehicle is on the road, without the risk of whiplash injury or accidental strangulation.

Aside from assuring your dog’s safety while riding in the vehicle, the harness also protects the car’s driver and passengers from a restless pet. Some dogs, especially untrained pups, have been known to roam inside the car or jump around with excitement without warning. This behavior can distract the driver and lead to serious accidents that can be easily avoided with a special seat belt for pets.


Pet owners can also use the harness outside of their vehicles. Simply clip the leash onto the back of the harness and use it as a full-body restraint while you go for a walk. It’s made from durable materials that are washable and quick to dry.


A safety harness study done by the Center for Pet Safety (CPS) tested several types of seat belts from traditional to dog-specific harnesses, and found that only one brand offered the kind of protection that could save a pet’s life.

“It’s so intuitive for us to just reach over and strap a seat belt on, but people don’t think about using these products for their pets,” said Lindsey Wolko, founder and CEO of CPS. “It’s incredibly important.”


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