Smart Garden Monitor to Revolutionize Lawn Care

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Homeowners love great lawns and gardens, but great gardens aren’t always part of the natural terrain, so maintaining them is no easy feat. Extreme care must be taken lest the plants die, or be overrun by unwanted weeds. Knowledge of the correct watering cycles and fertilizer proportions is critical. And while many expert gardeners already know enough about the time and amounts, it’s a lot more difficult for the novice gardeners.

Your granddad’s method of sticking a finger in the dirt may kinda work for him, but fingers can’t measure the pH of the soil, or the amount of nutrients it contains. So to help you put your neighbors’ gardens to shame, you now have help from Edyn – a smart garden system that monitors and tracks environmental conditions, helping your plants thrive.



Simple and light in design, the small device is a masterpiece of garden technology. The device monitors soil conditions accurately. Factors like temperature, soil nutrition and moisture, humidity, and light levels are all within Edyn’s capabilities.

On top of that, the data collected is then cross-referenced against a database a database of over 5,000 plants, soil science, and weather databases to recommend you plants that will be right at home in your garden.


The Edyn system has a Garden Sensor, which is the main sensory device that can cover about a 250 square feet area, and a Water Valve, which connects to your existing water system and can be automatically operated and controlled. Both devices are solar powered (powered by a lithium-polymer battery) and can connect to Wifi or the Cloud from as far away as 300 feet from the router.


Unlike pre-set sprinklers, the Edyn Water Valve automatically controls your existing water system based on data collected by the Garden Sensor and adapts to changes in the weather forecast. You’ll save water, lower your utility bills, and never worry about thirsty plants again. You can also use the Edyn app to manually control the Water Valve, allowing you to water your plants from anywhere.

Edyn system also has an app that updates and displays the information gathered by the Garden Sensor in real time or as historical data. The app can also list flora that will grow best in your garden, its optimal planting time, and even plant groupings that need similar conditional to thrive.


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