Solar Energy Sphere: Looks Great and Works at Night

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Andre Broessel of rawlemon has come up with a new, more efficient way of gathering solar energy and improved energy efficiency by as high as 35% over traditional PV panels.

How? Well, traditional fixed panels lose efficiency as the sun changes position. Expensive and often fragile dual-axis tracking systems are used to track the sun, but they are vulnerable to strong winds and other weather conditions.

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Andre’s solution was to use a giant sphere to concentrate the light on a smaller area.

So not only does this design need less silicone to collect the energy, it’s also capable of harvesting energy from diffused daylight and even MOONLIGHT!

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Basic RGB

Currently Andre Broessel is raising funds to further develop this product and make miniature versions to charge mobile devices through his IndieGoGo campaign.

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Photos via: rawlemon