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SVOne + Smartphone Brings Eye Exams to Remote Areas

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World Health Organization estimates that there’s over 246 million people around the world that suffer from a visual impairment, and for a lot of them getting an eye exam is not even an option. To help them get diagnosed and ultimately see better, Yaopeng Zhou and Marc Albanese from Smart Vision Labs have come up with a way to use a smartphone to diagnose the visual impairment.

SVOne 3d render autorefractor

They came up with the SVOne – an autorefractor device that attaches to a smartphone and is then used in combination with the smartphone to diagnose refractive errors in the eye. An instant digital prescription then appears on the smartphone screen that can be analyzed by the on-site examiner, or uploaded to a secure cloud giving great access and flexibility to optometrists and opticians to write prescriptions on the fly.

SVOne autorefractor device
svone new view

Perhaps the most important feature of the SVOne is its compact size and portability. The vast majority of people with visual impairments live in low income families and areas ridden with poverty. These areas lack access to the necessary (bulky and expensive) equipment to conduct eye examinations. The SVOne removes the necessity for this equipment, and provides a great portable solution. This technology has already been field tested in Haiti and Guatemala, and will go a long way to help diagnose and treat people all over the world.


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Yaopeng Zhou (Co-founder) + Marc Albanese (Co-founder)

Photos via: Smart Vision Labs

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