The MicrobeScope: Get 2000x Magnification on Your iPhone

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Here’s a brilliant way to turn your phone into a microscope. The MicrobeScope – a new project on Kickstarter, offers a powerful pocket-sized microscope with an 800x magnification capability. It also works with various Android, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola and Apple devices, but the zoom features on newer iPhones increases that magnification to 2,000x!


Users can also take advantage of the iPhone 5s’ slow motion capture to slow down the rapid microbe movements that would otherwise have been invisible. And of course you can share the videos.


The specimen is placed directly on the inverted lens, and the internal AAA size battery powered light source provides the illumination. The powerful fixed-focus microscope is capable of viewing sub 1micron features of individual bacteria and other life forms at the physical limits of optical resolution.

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Nick Bratt

Photos via: Kickstarter