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This keyboard may be invisible, but like magic the correct words will appear on screen as your fingers press imaginary keys. The gadget is like a pair of cuffs that you wear around the backs of your hands as the device first learns, then recognizes your individual movements and turns those into characters.

invisible keyboard cuff

If you’re familiar with the layout of your keyboard (and who isn’t nowadays), you probably don’t need tactile feedback to let you know that your fingers struck a key where you expected to find it. And, with the consumer preference to conserve space and eliminate things they cary around, Noki (no key) keyboard’s small size makes it a great accessory for a tablet user.

portable invisible keyboard by noki

The Noki keyboard is still in the prototype stage, but you can add your email to Noki’s mailing list to stay updated about the project as it progresses.

AirType-invisible keyboard 2
AirType-invisible keyboard

Visionaries + Movers

Sidhant Srikumar (Co-Founder) + Michael Pfista (Co-Founder) + Ai Liu (Strategist) + Ben Brown (Software Engr/Architect) + Zachary McDonald (Builder)

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